FELICITATION  GALORE : As Nwalozie  Led Council Of Ndieze Reaffirms Eze Alex  Nwoye’s Ezeship Throne In Ejigbo LCDA 

Eze Alex  Nwoye
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By Divine Chisom Emmanuel 

It was reminiscent of the very first day he was coronated as Eze Ndigbo  in Ejigbo LCDA, as torrents of good will messages, congratulations and celebration took the center stage.

News planet International reports that the event was merely a re- authentication and reaffirmation of Eze Alex Nwoye’s Ezeship Throne,as the Ezendigbo in Ejigbo LCDA of Lagos State.

The event was held last Wednesday, June 26, 2024, at Oregun, Ikeja area of Lagos State and anchored by some  Igbo Speaking Community Ndieze, Lagos State,under the leadership of Eze James Agbawodike Nwalozie’s Council Of Ndieze.

Speaking at his induction ceremony, which he was said to have partly sponsored,Eze Dr Nwoye explained that he had come to join the Council after much consultation and discovered that there was another Council of Ndieze recognized by the BOT.

Eze Nwoye stressed the need to join hands with other well meaning Ndieze, in other  to unite Ndieze under one umbrella in order to speak with one voice and to build a united Igbo Speaking Community in Lagos State.

It would be recalled that Igbo Speaking Community has been on the news recently over issues relating to its leadership, especially, the leadership of its Council of Ndieze, whereby the Association’s Board of Trustee Chairman, Dr. Jonathan  Nnaji,was quoted by a circle of the Media ,as having confirmed Eze Nwalozie as the elected Chairman of Council of Ndieze .

It was gathered that Nnaji’s position and announcement led to cross carpeting by some Ndieze to Eze Nwalozie’s camp and created another window of crisis, as Eze Chika Nwokedi of Ijegun/Ijadado area, had hitherto been recognized by many Igbo Speaking Community Ndieze, as Chairman of the Council of Ndieze.

This dual leadership situation ,Eze John Nwosu said,was  mistakes that have been made , hence ,it was not time for blame game, stressing the need to rebuild the Council of Ndieze in Lagos State.

 Earlier at the event held in his Palace, Eze Nwalozie , was said to have  warned those parading themselves as Ezendigbo in the State without proper clearance from his group,to desist from doing so, because according to him,the era of using Ezeship for tortoise business is over in the State. 

Nwalozie , it was learnt, urged his members to come together, be united and not give room for those parading themselves as Ezendigbo to operate, stressing the need to build strong and united Igbo Speaking Community and Council of Ndieze in the State.

“I still plead that we do everything humanly possible to unite ourselves and have one President General (PG) United Council of Ndieze Igbo Speaking Community Lagos State and I promise to play my own part for us to be one united family by the special grace of God Almighty.”

He was also quoted as having stated that his Council is ready to accept those who have been crowned Ezendigbo in various communities in the State once it has been established by the BOT that such persons were crowned Eze.

“Our doors are open to receive anyone that knocks. We did not drive anyone out, we still remain the only elected council of Ndi Ezeigbo Lagos State and we are ready to make peace with anyone who come for peace. Our Council is 100% intact waiting to receive anyone that wants to join us.”

“I stand to welcome you His Royal Highness, Eze Alex Nwoye to this great council. Truth in life is very bitter. But it takes a reasonable man like you and others to identify yourselves to a well registered organisation. Nobody is perfect in leadership, you can never stay a 20,000 miles to correct the wrongs anyone feels by his understanding.”

“I appreciate your strong worded advice of embracing each other in order to have a formidable association.

There is no way we cannot carry the  board of trustees of Igbo Speaking Community along. External factors have vowed to scatter this association before now, the two presidents of Igbo speaking community are all victims.”

“Having known the truth, it’s expected of Ndieze to liaise with the BOT and regain back the lost glory of the Community.”

On his own part, Eze Okey Anorue , was further reported to have given a one month ultimatum to other Ndieze to join the group or face santion, stating that the group’s Chairman, Council of  Ndieze  have opened his two hands for proper dialogue.

“Enough of all these tortoise business. The expiry date is this month.Today, the  whole Igbo Associations are bleeding in pains asking who will bail the cat? Where will they cry to? Who will they call their fathers?”

“Yes, we all have failed due to  comtempt and greed. Let us sheath our swords of words and embrace love. Let us come together with all God’s given wisdom to do the needful.”

“Let us dignify ourselves as royal fathers not clowns. Having a privileged good house doesn’t qualify you to be Chairman of Ndieze. Humbly turn by turn with total humility is the key ladder to the throne” Anorue stated.

Concluding,Eze Nwalozie stated thus :  “Leadership is a divine vision from God for his own people. It is a selfless service to God and mankind. If you are not called by God Almighty to serve or lead, you will surely fail. Today, some of us are chosen by God while majority of us chose ourselves. 

“The reason those that chose themselves fail is that they forced themselves into leadership for the purpose of enriching themselves and making use of the power for their own selfish interest. You cannot make leadership a business/profitable making venture”, he said.

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