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It was like a step into Bliss as virtuous women in the Catholic Church, FESTAC Town, Lagos,  held  another landmark event to promote their children’s welfare.                                                                    

Indeed , FESTAC was agog with celebration, as the Catholic Women Organization CWO, gathered dignitaries from all walks of life  to  the Catholic Church of Visitation, on November 13, 2021, to celebrate women of virtue and raise funds for the completion of Children’s Liturgy House .                                                                     

The aroma of the flavoured occasion, the ethereal postures of the beautiful guests and the sublime atmosphere of joy and elation created, cannot be expressed nor captured in words.                                                                       

It was in fact a memory whose impression will remain in the innermost archives of their guests mind’s library.                       

Moreover, it was more than a celebration bliss. The Religious ordination of love , oneness and unification of the church was extended to the Traditional institution and Culture,  with the invitation of Eze Udo 11, His Royal Highness, Eze Augustine Sunday  Ojukwu, Eze Ndigbo in Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area.                                                                   

What a dual celebration!,  Love they say,  begets love, as unity can be seen to be overflowing.Imagine the statues of the CWO groups and the Royal father of the day gliding along the event venue  as pictured in this story. Many scenes of the beautiful guests, the Priest and Reverend Sisters, can be seen below.                                                                 

 Yet, the pictures though very explicit, can not capture those rare atmospheres  of happiness, peace and Rhapsodies of joy  that enveloped the occasion.                                                                     

Welcoming her   guests,  President of CWO, Anita Bedford, while appealing for financial assistance to complete the children’s  center,  expressed her gratitude to  the  Parish Priest,  Reverend  Father Simon Okelezo , Reverend Sister Helen Eluagu , Deanery Coordinator,  Mrs. Bernadine Eloka , Chairman of the occasion,  Chief Emeka Okonkwo, Also Known as Obata Ifeadi , “represented by his wife, Lolo Ebere Okonkwo, Royal  Father of the day, Eze Augustine Sunday Ojukwu  and  other guests .                                                                                                   

Collaborating Mrs. Bedford, CWO Secretary General, Mrs Dominica Ohanyerem,  said that they decided to organize the event to raise funds to enable them complete their children’s liturgy center.                                                                            

Reverend  Okelezo, had in an  interview praised the women group for gathering to honor the women of virtue .He expressed gratitude to them for the children church project and  highlighted the  importance and position of women in the family.           

“Women are always in the forefront when it comes to the family, they are responsible for the  family and Virtuous women translates to Godly living in the homes, ” Reverend Okelezo noted.                                                                           

 While breaking the traditional Kolanuts and extending his royal blessings to the women group, Eze Ojukwu, prayed for the success of the event,  he pleaded with God to bless all that would contribute towards the project and to celebrate women hood and motherhood.                                                                                                                   

Other special guests at the event are : Mother of the Day,  Mrs. Margaret Ikehi, Chairman/CEO Magdonic Groups, Chief Magnus Ohanyerem, Guest Speaker, Mrs. Kemi Ogunkoya, Hon. Chris  Nzomiwu , Chief Emeka Obi, Chief Chuks Gab Nwosu,  Chief Alfred Nwoye, Hon. Munir Ayolaja Ojulari, Engineer Raphael Toyin Bolaji, Mazi Mike Osuji, Mr. Ndubuisi Akwaegbu and Royal Mother of the Day, Chief Ochieze Nwakobi                                                                                                         

Guest Speaker of the occasion and Founder of Power Woman Network,  Mrs Kemi Ogunkoya, in her lecture, dwelt on promoting women of honor and  noted that Mothers have significant  roles to play in the society. ” Mothers have  a vital role as mothers of honor to raise other women of honor,” she said .                                                                                                   

Buttressing her points,  Mrs. Ogunkoya , while Quoting verses from the Holy Bible, stated that being a women of honor is not about beauty or wealth,  but must have capacity to love God and love others sincerely,  supports her  family and other women , bringing value to the table.                                                                                                                           

However, you can travel into the reality, of the occasion by placing  your  heart, side by side with the photographs highlighted in this story.

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