“Igbo Speaking Community Peace Accord Still Intact,We Are Focused,One United Family, Disregard Rumours, Election Up Coming “, Says BOT Chairman, Chief Jonathan Nnaji

Igbo Speaking Community
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The Chairman, Board Of Trustees,  BOT, Igbo Speaking Community in Lagos State, High Chief Jonathan Nnaji, has debunked the news trending in an Online Newspaper, which suggested that an on going peace accord entered by the two factional President – Generals , PG,of the Association, Chief Sunday Udeh and Chief Sunday Eze,has collapsed.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with News Planet International yesterday, Chief Nnaji berated the writer of the report, stating that the content of the story was misleading,false,fictitious ,fabricated and lacked substance in all it’s entirety.  “how can someone wake up in the morning and start quoting people and mentioning all kinds of money without verifying or even interviewing people quoted “

Obviously Angry with the publication, he Said ” they have started bastardization the Online News platform, some of the publishers are becoming funny, just reporting without verification, putting and using faceless, anonymous persons ,which is contrary to the cardinal point in Journalism. Unlike you that have just  called to find out the true position”.

While putting the records straight , the BOT Chairman denied knowledge of the money mentioned and distanced himself from ever collecting the alleged N100,000 from Chief Udeh or anyone else,as published by the Online Newspaper.” If Udeh dash me such money, I will find out if he won a lottery to be giving N100000 to people, Iam not aware of the money, I can’t answer question or comment about money Iam not aware of. We have proper channel of fund passage”.

According to him, the peace accord between Chief Sunday Udeh and Chief Sunday Eze , brokered by the Igbo Speaking Community and it’s Board Of Trustees, is a brotherly agreement that is still much active and on going .

“In a nut shell, the peace accord has not collapsed,it is very much intact,we are still on it.we will continue to push until one formidable united Igbo Speaking family is achieved. Anyone doubting this fact,should come to the National Stadium on Tuesday, that is where we meet . We have achieved about 80 percent in the peace process, living us with 20 percent, which has to do with election delegates list and election date proper.I have not seen any documents, phone calls or text message to that effect, suggesting collapse of the Peace treaty between Chief Udeh and Chief Eze.Nobody has called me to say that he is backing out or pulling out”, he said .

On the election that was alleged to have been cancelled indefinitely, he stated that from inception, no particular date was chosen in the working resolution reached by the Peace Committee.This Nnaji said was because “the Community’s legal team are up with the task of getting court consent judgement regarding all the litigations and or court cases concerning the Igbo Speaking Community,that were filed by both parties in the last four years of disagreement between Chief Udeh and Chief Eze, which are being addressed through the consent judgement signed by both PG, BOT, Peace Committee and that is what is delaying the election. Once the the consent judgement is out in few days time,we will fix a date for the election “, Chief Nnaji explained.

Pertaining to the alleged controversial Festac Eze Ndigbo coronation bestowed on Chief Prosper Chukwuemeka Chukwuka, Chief Nnaji revealed that the Association was normalizing the entire process of Ezeship installation through the BOT , which he said is the custodians of the Association, with a view of carrying the two PG along in all the ongoing reformation . ” Yes ,at a certain point during the Ezeship coronation, I became aware of the Festac installation,Besides, the Ezeship beneficiary, Chief Chukwuka, has visited the BOT during one of our peace committee meeting and agreed to come and normalize his Ezeship with the entire group, whatever that went wrong will be corrected and normalized to carry both PG along.Incidentally, Chief Eze and the Festac Eze knew themselves before now, as indicated in their saved contacts on their phones “. 

“Again,we didn’t capture the issues of Ezeship coronation during the peace accord, because we felt that it was proper that both PG functions until after the election, this was to build, maintain trust to avoid the suspicion of their powers being hijacked by an interim arrangement.On that basis, I will not condemn any of the PG, because both of them did coronation separately.what we have agreed is to normalize and follow due process to avoid unnecessary issues during the peace process”, Chief Nnaji also explained.

Explaining further, the BOT Chairman noted that “After the Festac coronation, precisely last Tuesday,the peace committee agreed that nobody, no PG should coronate any Eze without contacting the committee, until after the election “.

On the aspersions being casted on the integrity of Chief  Chukwuka, the newly coronated Eze Ndigbo in Festac, Nnaji explained that he was not in a position to speak on the issue, however, he said, ” he was aware that criminals are not let loss on the street but are taken to police departments and anti crime Agencies, or held behind the bars. I don’t want to talk or go into people’s character, because even those criticizing, have one thing or the other in their closets, but Fraudsters are always in detention, not walking around the streets of Lagos.All criminals goes behind bars, Criminals don’t walk on the street freely, if anyone has issues about his record, he should go to the police and not on pages of newspaper .” The Man in question when confronted with the issue confirmed that he is into Real Estate Business”, BOT Chairman noted.

It would be recalled that just recently,an online Newspaper  reported that the “peace accord being negotiated by the board of trustees of the Igbo Speaking Community, Lagos State, between two factional leaders, Chief Sunday Udeh and Sunday Eze, has collapsed over alleged N2m sale of FESTAC Town Ezendigbo title by Chief Udeh to Chief Prosper Chukwuka”

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