South – East Leaders, Ezes,Harps On Preserving Igbo Solid Amity, Urge Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyawu To Unite Crisis Ridden Lagos Ohanaeze Ndigbo,  Appoint Chief Solomon Aguene, South – West Coordinator, Onowu Everest Ozonweke As PG’s PA

Ohanaeze Ndigbo
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By Daniel Ohamadike 

Concerned over the lingering crisis bedeviling Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos State Chapter , which they acknowledged to be the most vibrant state branch in the Country, Some South – East Leaders and credible Eze Ndigbos in diaspora, have called on the President – General ,PG,of the Apex Pan Ndigbo Socio -Political Organization, Ohanaeze Ndigbo World Wide, Chief, Engineer Emmanuel Iwuanyawu,to urgently and impartially  Wade into the issues, with a view of bringing lasting solution , which they said would restore the dwindling respect of the Igbo Sons and Daughters resident in Lagos state, before other ethnic Nationalities.

Proffering a peace road map and water tight solution to Chief Engineer Iwuanyawu, which they all agree would usher in a lasting solution, the leaders urge the PG to seriously consider  appointing Ambassador,Chief Solomon Ogbonna Aguene as South – West Coordinator , Onowu Everest Ozonweke as the Apex Leader’s Personal Assistant,PA, while Chief Sunday Ossai should be allowed to complete his remaining tenure ,to pave way for a more inclusive and unified elections in future,that would lift the Ohanaeze Ndigbo in Lagos state,to a greater height which would enable the group to achieve the goals and aspirations of the founding fathers.

Leading the campaign for permanent peace ,brotherhood and restoration of Igbo dignity in Lagos state Ohanaeze Ndigbo, is a  United Nations Peace Ambassador and Eze Ndigbo in Aigbaka, Ejigbo Community in Lagos state, Eze Nicholas Njoku, who enjoined Chief Engineer Iwuanyawu, to seriously consider appointing Chief Solomon Ogbonna Aguene as his Coordinator in the South -West, Onowu Everest Ozonweke as PG’s Personal Assistant , while Chief Sunday Ossai, would continue as President.

Njoku , who is known for his love for peace and saying truth, argued that “considering Chief Solomon Aguene’s pedigree and achievements during his first tenure as President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo in Lagos state.How he used his personal contacts and connections within and outside Lagos state,to turn around the fortune of the group , he deserves that position and Iam sure, that he will perform excellently well.Again, Such appointment to Chief Solomon Ogbonna Aguene, would make him to exit office as President on this controversial second tenure through Court Consent Judgement, then Chief Sunday Ossai, can then reign as President in peace, while Onowu Everest Ozonweke, who has long been acting as Chief Engineer Iwuanyawu’s Personal Assistant, can continue in that office.Finally, with peace achieved,the Ohanaeze Ndigbo office at James Robertson Street, will now be used properly by Ossai as President, Aguene as Coordinator and Ozonweke as Personal Assistant.Infact, with this, Igbo Nation Will have it’s respect, honor and progress restored “.

Throwing his weight and support on the above suggestion, which is currently gaining popularity and acceptance amongst Igbos resident in Lagos state, Eze Njoku, vowed to donate two million Naira (N2000,000) and stake his Ezeship in Ejigbo, if need be, to achieve a permanent peace amongst all Igbo groups in the state.

Ambassador Njoku, who besides his bureau de change business, also owns and manages a luxury hotel in Lagos state, bemoaned the fact that Ohanaeze Ndigbo crisis has become increasingly embarrassing to him and other worthy, industrious Igbo Sons and Daughters in Lagos, who he lamented are confronted and mocked every time by other tribes, who say Igbos can’t be united.

Indeed, Eze Njoku is not alone on this suggestion as over twenty other Ezes and ten leaders of different Igbo groups, who spoke on the grounds of anonymity, agreed and were of the opinion that giving Chief Solomon Ogbonna Aguene a higher national assignment, would permanently put to rest the ongoing power tussles,agitations, disunity and brothers Against brothers fight , which they regret has been going on for too long.

Besides achieving peace, the leaders are of the opinion that Chief Solomon Ogbonna Aguene, is a go getter with capacity, who is capable of raising resources that would help Chief Engineer Iwuanyawu practicalize and achieve his lofty visions for the Igbo Nation.

Speaking in an interview with News planet International over the week, one of the Veterans in Lagos Ohanaeze Ndigbo and foundation member, Chief Thompson Ohio, commended the suggestion by other Igbo leaders, arguing that it was long overdue.

Chief Ohio,who queried the rational behind aspiration by Onowu Everest Ozonweke, to be made the South -West Coordinator,opined that Ozonweke lacked the capacity and pedigree for such office, because according to him, he has never been a president of Ohanaeze Ndigbo in the South -West and can not command respect before any Ohanaeze Ndigbo president in the region.

He advised the leaders who are campaigning to bring peace to the Organization by getting Chief Engineer Iwuanyawu to appoint the current legitimate president of Ohanaeze Ndigbo in Lagos state, Lord Mayor Solomon Ogbonna Aguene, as South – West Coordinator, ” should first seek Chief Solomon Aguene’s opinion on the proposition first before pushing further “.

As an alternative panacea for permanent peace, Chief Ohia, asked that the status quo be maintained until the expiration of Chief Solomon Aguene’s Court Consent Judgement.

“For me, unless Chief Ossai faction vacates the Consent Judgement, everyone else doing anything against the Judicial pronouncement, is taking a big risk.Let the groups continue on their own until both Aguene’s  tenure and Ossai era ends, then we can have a unified body which will conduct a credible and acceptable election that will usher in a new era”, Chief Ohia opined.

The stage appears set for the Igbo Statesman, Chief Engineer Iwuanyawu, to weigh the suggestion by his kinsmen and take a bold step to bring in peace in Lagos Ohanaeze Ndigbo,by appointing Ambassador Aguene as South -West Coordinator, Onowu Everest Ozonweke as Personal Assistant, PA,so as to allow Chief Sunday Ossai,a peaceful tenure.

Ohanaeze Ndigbo
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