Synagogue Local, International Members Celebrates First Thanksgiving Service After Founder’s Demise

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About 18 Months after the death of its founder Prophet TB Joshua, Synagogue Church Of All Nation, SCOAN, on December 4th ,2022, held it’s first thanksgiving church service.                                                   

The service which celebrated to commemorate the reopening of SCOAN for local and international members for worship after the passing of its founder, Senior Prophet TB Joshua .              

It would be recalled that The founder passed on last year June 5, 2021 and the church did not reopen till December 5,2021 when the church commenced its usual Sunday services. 

Though the church was not in operation as at the time the founder passed on, the late  man of God had insisted he would not reopen the  church after the relaxation of Covid-19 pandemic regulations and guidelines, because unlike other churches which started operations,he said he would wait for God’s directive regarding reopening SCOAN . 

On December 4th being Sunday, SCOAN members from different countries and continents gathered to celebrate what the SCOAN leader Pastor Mrs Evelyn TB Joshua described as “God’s faithfulness, love, blessing, favour, mercy, salvation and triumph of His mission for mankind as given to His departed servant, Prophet TB Joshua.                                                                                               

Part of the activities lined up for the Thanksgiving Service, included a weeklong reaching out to the underprivileged, the sick, widows, disabled and motherless homes , the hungered in diverse forms  and it was crowned with the Sunday Thanksgiving service.

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