TIMELY  PALLIATIVES  : Ohanaeze Ndigbo South West Coordinator, Chief Everest Ozonweke commend Gov.  Sanwo-Olu,  Calls For Inclusive Distribution

Ohanaeze Ndigbo
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Following the numerous intervention programs and Palliatives recently unfolded by the Lagos State government,

the Coordinator of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Southwest Regional Directorate, Chief Everest Ozonweke, has extended his commendations to State Governor , Babajide Sanwo-Olu for his proactive initiatives aimed at mitigating the impact of the recent economic challenges in Nigeria.

 Chief Ozonweke, recognizing the positive steps taken, emphasizes the importance of ensuring an equitable distribution of relief measures to benefit all residents of Lagos, without regard to ethnicity or political allegiance.

 Ozonweke, whose appointment as the coordinator of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Southwest was recently ratified by the National Executive Committee of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide (NEC), despite acknowledging the strides made by Governor Sanwo-Olu, voiced concerns regarding the perceived lack of inclusivity within the administration during the current tenure. 

He noted that many Igbos had actively supported the governor and the ruling party; however, there is a prevailing sentiment of exclusion within the Igbo community.

According to the Coordinator, “Instances of unexplained demolitions of places of businesses by the Lagos State task force and the Urban Development Agency have further exacerbated tensions, with no transparent justifications provided by the authorities, allowing opportunistic individuals and overzealous property developers to exploit the situation for personal gain”.

Looking ahead, Chief Ozonweke emphasizes the urgent need for a comprehensive healing process to address the existing communications gap between the Igbo community and the Lagos State government.

 He advocates for a more collaborative and inclusive approach in governance to address the community’s concerns effectively and prevent further marginalization.

” It is imperative for the government and its agencies to engage directly with the community, transparently address grievances, and take decisive action to rectify these issues for the benefit of all residents”, he said.

Chief  Ozonweke also reiterated Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide’s position in advising the Ndigbo to exercise caution and refrain from participating in the ongoing protests in some part of the country. 

He emphasized that this stance is driven from the vision and  effective leadership disposition of Ohanaeze Ndigbo World Wide President General, Chief Engineer Emmanuel Iwuanyawu CFR, based on what he referred to as “our past and present realities and in recognition of the critical existential threats and uncertainty that defines our collective future in the contraption called Nigeria” 

He further stated that “in the current tumultuous climate, the assumption of Chief Engineer Emmanuel Iwuanyawu CFR as the President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide has been a beacon of hope for Ndigbo, Ahaejiagamba’s assumption of this esteemed position is not just symbolic; it also serves to showcase his outstanding leadership qualities, resonating with the fundamental values of unity, wisdom, and progress that are integral to the Igbo heritage”.

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