Chief Solomon Aguene Urge Igbo Leader, Engineer Emmanuel Iwuanyawu, To Settle Lagos Ohanaeze Crisis  Before End Of His Tenure In 9 Months

Emmanuel Iwuanyawu
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By Daniel Ohamadike

President -General,PG,of the Apex Pan Igbo Socio – Cultural Organization, Ohanaeze Ndigbo World Wide , Chief Engineer Emmanuel Iwuanyawu, has been advised to fully wield into the on going leadership crisis bedeviling the Lagos State Chapter of the group, with a view to settling the issues between High Chief Solomon Ogbonna Aguene and Chief Sunday Ossai led faction, before the end of his tenure in the next 9 Months.

This plea was made last Thursday by the President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Lagos State chapter, High Chief Solomon Ogbonna Aguene, who passionately urged Engineer Iwuanyawu to expeditiously settle the rift before end of his tenure in January 2025, to ensure Igbo solid amity in Lagos.

He said : “As a respected Apex Igbo leader,an Elder Statesman and National figure, Iam expecting Chief  Engineer Emmanuel Iwuanyawu,to resolve the ongoing factional crisis in Lagos State Ohanaeze Ndigbo before the next 8, 9 Months, when his tenure will end up,say about January 2025, he should bear in mind that I have a valid Court Consent Judgment which makes me the constitutionally legal authentic President “.

Speaking with News Planet International in an exclusive interview ,after the groups Press briefing held Thursday March 21,2024, at the Ohanaeze Ndigbo Sectariat located at 13, James Robertson Street, Surulere, Lagos, Chief Aguene who flaunted his Lagos State High Court Consent Judgment that extended his tenure for four years, praised Chief Iwuanyawu’s progressive efforts to change the Igbos narrative and pledged to work with him to redefine Igbo Nation.

Debunking what he called the erroneous interpretation to the unverified viral video crediting Chief Iwuanyawu as having endorsed and admitted Chief Ossai as the authentic Ohanaeze Ndigbo President in Lagos, Chief Aguene said the alleged doctored video clip  was the handiwork of mischief makers , because according to him ,Chief Iwuanyawu is smart, intelligent and an elder statesman who should know that such alleged statement in the viral video, amounted to contempt of a legitimate High Court Judgement, that legally extended his tenure, thereby making him the only authentic Ohanaeze Ndigbo President in Lagos state.

While correcting what he called the wrong impression in the said Video,Chief Aguene said : ” few days ago i was at the  local wing of the Murtala Muhammad Airport with my legitimate Ohanaeze Ndigbo Executive Members and other groups,to welcome our great leader and Ohanaeze Ndigbo World Wide President – General, Chief Engineer Emmanuel Iwuanyawu, “Ahaejiagamba”, and the PG specifically asked for me and I answered present.He acknowledged me as a Capacity president who transformed Lagos Chapter of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, he informed me that he would like to work with me and I responded and also I pledged to work with him.PG didn’t hide his feelings that Chief Sunday Ossai lacks the leadership strength and acumen to lead Igbos in Lagos, he regretted that the Igbos in Ossai’s faction made the mistake of choosing Ossai and that he is handicapped because it was Sunday Ossai that was handed over to him as president immediately he emerged as PG, without him knowing that there was valid Court Consent Judgment and crisis in Lagos.When we accompanied him to his Southern Sun hotel accomodation, he  never gave endorsement to  Sunday Ossai or to me, however, he said he will always vote for me if there is any election and vouched for my capabilities”.

Contrary to rumors that Chief Iwuanyawu came to lagos for the endorsement and show casing of Chief Sunday Ossai as President, Chief Aguene authoritatively revealed that ” the PG specifically told me that he visited Lagos to shop for funds to enable him execute some of his visionary projects, as well as to curtail ,sanitize the numerous Ezes and Ezeship Councils, which he said was bringing disgrace and dishonor to the Igbo Nation, following the shameful behaviors of some of the Ezes”.

Pledging to work with Chief Iwuanyawu during his remaining tenure, Chief Aguene stated that after ” PG  Iwuanyawu’s tenure in 9 Months, Rivers State will have the turn to produce the next Ohanaeze PG, however, if there is no eligible capable candidate, I suggest that Chief Iwuanyawu be allowed to continue in office and I will give him total support,but if stakeholders disapproves my opinion, then, the slot should go to Abia state, where I will propose that Our present Secretary-General Ambassador Okay Emuchay, should be elected PG on account of his pedigree and I promise to work with him “.

When asked about his relationship with Ambassador Okay Emuchay, Aguene blamed the rumored hate and perceived enemity between him and Emuchay as the ” mischief,evil and negative handiwork  of Onowu Everest Ozonweke, who have been peddling wrong and falsehood against me to Emuchay ,to seek for unmerited favour.I don’t have anything against Emuchay, we have not even met privately before or have any quarrel and issues with him.It was Everest Ozonweke that painted me black before him but notwithstanding these nonsense enemity created by Ozonweke, Iam willing to work with him once he emerges as PG”

Clarifying the trending decision by “Ime Obi” to back Chief Ossai, Chief Aguene warned them of the legal consequences of making any contemptuous statement against the Court Consent Judgment that extended his tenure .

Warning the “Ime Obi”  on the risk of their decision and the statement credited to them, Aguene said thus : ” ‘Ime Obi’ should first vacate Imo State election judgment that Governor Hope Uzodinma who was number four during the election,is ruling with now, they should vacate Ebonyi State own, before coming to speak on my consent judgment, because all these examples I just gave, started from electoral victories through Court process .President Tinubu is enjoying electoral victory through court judgment and it was court judgment that gave Mr.  Peter Obi victory over Ngige in Anambra State.Let whosoever that is contesting with me in Lagos over the court consent judgment, go to court to vacate it first.Let the “Ime Obi” also know that even late George Obiozor didn’t know or sanction the kangaroo election that brought Sunday Ossai as factional leader because he was having health challenges then”.

Confirming the authenticity of his leadership as the legitimate president of Ohanaeze Ndigbo lagos state, Chief Aguene challenged Chief Sunday Ossai led faction to show the world their official office address, where he is operating from.” Iam here at Ohanaeze Ndigbo headquarters at James Robertson Street seated as the legitimate president and Ossai is moving from one corner to another impersonating my office and committing contempt of court “.

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