Ohanaeze Ndigbo President, Chief Solomon Aguene, Canvases For Selfless,  Credible, Patriotic Leaders To Steer Igbo Greatness In Lagos State

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By Daniel Ohamadike

The President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos State, Chief Solomon Ogbonna Aguene, has canvassed for the enthronment of quality, credible, selfless and patriotic Sons and Daughters into Igbo leadership positions in Lagos State.

 Chief Aguene, who insisted that mediocrity and sycophancy must be jettisoned by Igbos in Lagos, expressed deep concerns over the shameful and negative activities of some people he described as” pesters like the former secretary of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Lagos state, Onowu Everest Ozonweke,” who he said has been constituting himself into a nuisance and a clog on the wheel of Ndigbo progress in the stated.

 He said : ” it is time to give Igbo leadership to some patriotic Igbo leaders and not people that constitute nuisance like the former General Secretary of Ohanaeze, Chief Evaristus Ozonweke, in Lagos State”.

 The vocal and outspoken Ohanaeze Ndigbo President ,frowned at the unpatriotic activities and situation where some elements he described as “Jankara” leaders have continued to parade themselves as Igbo leaders in Lagos State.

Chief Aguene who eulogized some notable Igbo leaders he listed as Chief Chidi Anyaegu, Managing Director of Chisco Motors Limited, Chief Charles Odunukwe, (Chaldon), Chief Mike Umeh, Chief  Ifeanyi Odii and others, who he praised for their continuous selfless services and love to Ndigbo, which he firmly acknowledged that they have demonstrated such over the years  in Lagos State .

Expressing his zeal and determination to ensure that Ndigbo gets credible and selfless leaders after his tenure, he advised that since those that were earlier entrusted to lead Ndigbo in Lagos State have failed woefully, “it is  therefore time to unite Ndigbo under the elder statesman, Chief Ebitu Ukiwe, so as to select worthy people like those i earlier commended,to lead Ndigbo in the State”.

He therefore enjoined well meaning Igbos ,to join him in appreciating and commending critical stakeholders like Chief Anyaegbu,  Odunukwe, Odii and Umeh, for what they have done through their philanthropic gestures that have benefited Ndigbo greatly and impacted them  meaningfully in Lagos state.

Explaining further, Chief Aguene stated that when Chief Charles Odunukwe was the President of Aka Ikenga, he supported Ndigbo just like Anyaegbu, who  he acknowledged as  a great pillar of Ohanaeze, that has been assisting Ndigbo by giving scholarships, paying hospital bills and donating huge sums of money in order to uplift the less privileged among Ndigbo in Lagos State.

He also praised Chief Odii, who he said has massively supported Ndigbo through Ohanaeze by donating huge sums of money to alleviate the problems of the less privileged Ndigbo in Lagos State.

Angered by the counter productive and negative activities of some  irresponsible people  parading themselves as Igbo leaders in Lagos State, he urged the public to see those group of people as blackmailers and selfish fake Igbo leaders, who do not protect the interest of Ndigbo in the State.

While strengthening the record of Ohanaeze leadership in Lagos State, Aguene , reminded the public that he remains the President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos and warned those fronting Chief Sunday Ossai , to desist from such unlawful act, noting that those cabals

are doing so in order to use Chief Ossai to beg for money from people despite knowing fully well that they  are not representing Ndigbo.

 He warned the unwary public to watch as ” very soon they will use Chief Ossai to beg for money for their illegal brand of Igbo Day Celebration just for their selfish interests.

” I have warned Ndigbo to beware of some people parading themselves as Igbo leaders in Lagos State ,who are  just blackmailers and selfish acclaimed Igbo leaders, that do not have the interest of Ndigbo at heart”.

” One of them is the former Secretary of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Lagos state,Chief Everest Ozonweke, who is one of those constituting nuisance and causing the crisis in Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos State and equally benefiting from the crisis”.

He emphasized  that Ozonweke, also known as Onowu, had worked for him, Chief Ossai, G50 , POSER and other Igbo groups with the sole aim of causing crisis among Ndigbo in Lagos State.

“while Ozonweke pretended to be supporting Chief Ossai, he was also a key informant that brought information to  me against Ossai and that was why I gave him N100,000 during his father’s burial as my support to him and I made the donation public so that people will know the type of person he is”.

Aguene revealed that Ozonweke is presently working against Ossai by pestering Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu and telling him that Chief Ossai is not capable as Ohanaeze President , advising  Iwuanyanwu to sack Ossai and make him (Ozonweke) the President of Ohanaeze, Lagos State. 

According to him,” it is not the first time Ozonweke  acted in such manner” . He recalled that the crisis in Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos State was caused by Ozonweke, who deceived the former president of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide to cancel the Ohanaeze election in Lagos State, which led to protracted litigation until Chief Solomon Aguene resolved it.

“it  is time to expose such characters within the Igbo circle because Ozonweke is like a poisonous venom that goes from one place to another blackmailing people, knocking heads together in order to cause crisis in Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos State”.

He accused Ozonweke of moving as usual, to a  traditional ruler recently, spreading another false information that the Ohanaeze electoral committee headed by Chief Oliver Akubueze , gave him N7.5m ,just to cause crises.

Aguene promised  that Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos State has concluded that they will soon honor Ozonweke with an award as “Chief Blackmailer in Igboland.”

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