PVC MADNESS :  Nigerian Men Hustle For Contacts Of Strange Lady Who Offered Free Sex And Breast Sucking To  Men That Gets Their PVC 

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 Nigerians appears to have stretched the Permanent Voters Cards PVC registration enlightenment campaign to a breaking point. 

This PVC registration enlightenment campaign was heightened by the country’s Youths following Mr. Peter Obi ,the  Presidential Flag Bearer of the Labour party entrance into the 2023 race.

Recently,  the social media has been a washed with vagaries of funny and ridiculous enlightenment campaign videos and audios, urging people to get their PVC .

However, the peak  of such bizarre adventurous PVC registration enlightenment campaign videos, was spotted with a viral video of a half naked unidentified lady,who Many  social media adherents and users unarguably agreed , has taken the PVC enlightenment campaign to a very high erotic and Immoral Level.

In the viral video, recorded partly in English and Igbo languages,  the lady was heard begging and offering her body for free sex  with any man that successfully gets his PVC, and who must vote for Peter Obi.

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She said : ” Get your PVC, when you get your PVC, come I will have sex with you and you will suck my breast, get your PVC and I will ‘fuck’ you and you will suck my breast”, She Beckons interested men. ” Get your PVC, “gibia mu aragi otu, get your PVC, to vote Peter Obi, “mu aragi otu, gi nuo  Ara” as she point at her breast. 

Since the video went viral, different shades of men using different social media handles are falling on top of each other, asking for the lady’s phone number and other contacts. Some are even promising 50 PVC’s .                                                    

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