Rejoinder: Eze Ndigbo’s Visit Eze Peter Umeh A Distinguished Philanthropist

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I must say that the writer of this article was/is as biased as the said Biodun Daramola who invited him to come and watch the macabre dance. He is as mischievous as one can imagine.
First, he is an Igbo man that has Biodun Daramola as a bosom friend. What manner of friendship does one have in one who derides you and your people by delighting in their ridicule, which robs on you. Again he has displayed his level of ignorance – which is mega – by the way he described the personalities of the traditional rulers. He doesn’t know their worth.
For instance, Eze Peter C Umeh JP, Eze Ndigbo of Mushin, he mentioned, is a well contented and respected family man. A distinguished businessman, who has contributed immensely to the economy of the Lagos State and invariably to the economy of Nigeria. He is the Chairman/CEO of Jamganza Int’l Nig Ltd. Many Government officials and Administrators of today especially in Mushin Metropolis rely on his bookshop for their academic materials from kindergarten to higher college and beyond. He built and lives in his Palace comfortably with his family. He is a philanthropist.
His chains of businesses are enough to pay salary of ten of this writer, for he portrays himself as a jobless loafer, hence he could afford to go and watch “…how my traditional rulers and leaders of my land would disgrace themselves and make mockery of their FAKE CROWNS.” Somebody who has something doing will not be tossed about with such an idle oral illusory invitation. But he did go to watch and listen to the mockery music that portrays his Igbo tribe as one that has all but positivity. Birds of the feather flock together. Both the writer and Biodun Daramola have a lot in common.
Apart from Eze Peter C. Umeh JP of Mushin, Eze Ndigbo of Ojodu, Eze Augustine Ebisi is a graduate scientist. As a Scientist, he must be a satisfied human being based on high demand of his profession.
So when you weigh the financial value or feel their financial muscle, you will discover that the “…struggles for bottles of Hennessey 2.0 and Campari…” mentioned against their character is to call a dog name in order to hang it. They are far above whatever a hundred carton of each can cost. A jobless poor fellow as Daramola’s friend can die for a glass of any of the above drinks.
On a serious note, this writeup is a hate speech. It is a character assassination on entire Igbo Traditional Institution. Where are FAKE CROWNS gotten and how can distinguished Eze Ndigbo in Lagos, like Eze Ndigbo of Ikeja Land Eze Uche Dimgba, Eze Peter C. Umeh JP, Eze Augustine Ebisi, etc be making “MOCKERY” of their crowns.

Therefore, this writer has a corrupt mindset and is a threat to a decent society. With such a person the society will be bereft of moral, respect for constituted authority, culture and tradition, etc.
Further more, no right thinking Yoruba man even the faceless Biodun Daramola will write to tarnish the image of his Obas as Vitus. M. Ezenwa (Ph.D) did. Igbos will not grow with this kind of mindset and this is not the spirit of true Igboson. I advise Ezenwa and his likes to keep themselves busy constructively, because an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.
Chukwudi Sunday is the President, Centre For Idea Promotion (CFIP) Lagos.

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