SARS DISBANDMENT: EX – Police Chiefs, Stakeholders Commend IGP

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The last may not have been heard of the controversial issues surrounding the Police Special Anti Robbery Squad, SARS. This is even so , despite recent dissolution of the unit. There appears to be pockets of agitation against and support for the disbandment. While in Kastina State, the home state of President Muhammadu Buhari, the agitators called for SARS Reformation and not dissolution . However, some Stakeholders and Retired police Commissioners are of the view that the disbandment of SARS would bring peace to the society
According to Some Retired Commissioners of Police, who spoke same Sunday, the decision of the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu , to disband the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) following reckless behaviour of the unit against the society, would bring peace to the society.
The commissioners, in separate interviews, said that the disolution of SARS would help in reducing violence erupting from various anti-protesters group across the nation.
Retired Commissioner, Awotinde Awoshola, said that the IGP made a smart decision to disband the unit for peace to be restored to the country.
Awoshola said that the excesses of the anti-robbery unit had to be checked inorder wards reason for it to be disbanded.
“However, the disbanding of SARS will only create room to establish another outfit. We hope that the new outfit will carry out the objectives of the Federal government to the letter,” he said.
Also, Fatai Owoseni said that the peaceful protest organised by responsible citizens had been hijacked by hoodlums to perpetuate crime and create unrest in the society.
“The disolution of the anti-robbery unit will help to lessen aggression fueled by protesting youths and hopefully stabilise decorum in the society,” Owoseni said.
Meanwhile, Barrister Monday Ubani has supported the decision of the government to bring an end to SARS as a way of listening to the voice and cry of the public.
Ubani, however said that the disbandment will only create room for a better anti-robbery unit to be brought to play to continue the fight against crime in the society.
“There is going to be a work out program by the Nigeria Police Force, Civic Society group and major stakeholders on the replacement of SARS for fighting crime,” he said.
Ubani said that officials of the disbanded unit, usually picked on well-dressed young men who use expensive phones and try to extort money from them based on the premise they are internet fraudstars.
“This has led to harrasment and an infringement on rights which is unacceptable,” he said

Also, a social critic and human right activist, Mr Kehinde Nubi , said that the government should set up a panel to investigate into the crimes committed by the officials of the SARS for justice to prevail.
Nubi, said that this was not the first time that a special unit of the police would be disbanded after a public outcry only for the unit to be rebranded back again.
” A disbandment of the unit is not only satisfactory. We need the government to set up a panel that will punish erring officials as a deterrent to others,” he said.

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