ADRON Homes Assures All Income Earners Of Easy Acquisition Through Empowerment, Flexible Payment Options

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At Adron Homes, Customers have  been provided with affordable and quality housing solutions to Nigerians for 11 years.

One of their innovative offerings is the opportunity for Nigerians to fulfill their dreams of owning landed properties through flexible and long payment plans.

Adron Homes acknowledge that for many Nigerians, owning a piece of land or property is a significant achievement and a long-held dream.

However, to bridge the financial gap considering the high cost of real estate , which could  make the dream of owing a property seem unattainable, especially for low and middle-income earners, the  Company therefore stepped in to bridge this gap by offering flexible payment options that make it possible for anyone to own a landed property.

” This relationship between the company and many Nigerians has spanned beyond just living in our estate but also giving a helping hand and empowering people just like “Glory of God” and transforming lives and fortunes through our humanitarian activities as a company,” Adron emphasized.

“With Adron Homes, landlords can purchase land through installment payment plans that spread the cost of the property over some time. This means that instead of paying the full amount upfront, the buyer can make small, regular payments over an agreed period. This makes it more manageable for those who may not have the means to pay for a property in one lump sum.

Additionally, Adron Homes offer long payment plans for all levels of income earners, ensuring that everyone can afford to own a piece of land. This means that the payment period can be stretched out for a longer period, depending on the buyer’s income and financial capacity. This approach enables many Nigerians to own a piece of land, which they can eventually develop or use for investment purposes.

With this payment solution, Adron Homes have been making landlord dreams possible by offering installment payment plans and long payment terms on landed properties. This approach has enabled many Nigerians to own land, which they can develop or use for investment purposes.

In view of this affordable and quality housing solutions, Adron Homes continue to be a significant player in the Nigerian real estate sector.

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