Alleged Unlawful Police Detention : Suspected Female Receiver Of Stolen property Vindicates IRT, Makes A – U -Turn, Deny Media Interview Circulating on Social Media.

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  A  21 – year – old suspected female receiver of stolen property and Mistress to Tolu Abiodun, a fleeing Armed  Robbery kingpin ,  has denied granting interview and authorship of media report currently circulating in the  social media.                                                                                                                                             

While denying granting such interview, The  suspect,  who  gave  her name as Barakat Usman, challenged the writer of the report to tell the public venue where they had the  purported interview.                                                                     

The Suspect who confirmed that she was one out of the Four Mistresses of the fleeing Robbery kingpin, said  thus :   “this is fake news,  I couldn’t have granted any media interview while still in police detention ,as at the time it was published”.                                                                                                                     

Shading tears, Barakat, who appeared remorseful of her crime, lampooned  suspected writer of the report identified as Alabi Abuldukareem, for erranously reporting that she was arrested in her business premises and her valuables carted away.                                                                                                             

According to the Secondary school drop out,   from a broken home ,  who hails from Offa, Kwara state,  ”  Police officers tracked me and apprehended me in my hotel room  at Happy  Crown Hotel,  Meiran area of Lagos and not at my shop, ” Barakat corrected.                                                                          

Regreting her involvement with the fleeing Robbery kingpin,  she said  :  ” I met  Tolu Abiodun about two years ago  at Okekoto , where they sell drugs , he approached me for a relationship through one of my girlfriends. Initially, I never knew he was an armed Robber.  I was even the person giving him money then from  the  proceeds of my clothes selling business . later, he gave me N150,000 to  pay for his accommodation at Dalemo and one of his friends brought the iPhone 12 to me for  sale but  I didn’t know that it was  stolen from a man they robbed and killed. ”                     

Asked why she continued the relationship with Tolu after she became aware that he was an armed robber , she said,  ” when someone from my neighborhood told me that Tolu was an armed Robber,  I was not sure until the day I saw a live cartridge in his  pocket, because i didn’t know what it was,  I  asked him , but he was mad at me and shouted me down . I became afraid and could not stop the relationship because I was afraid that he will kill me. Besides,   he has three other women who born one child for him each , two of the women bear Remi as their names, and one of the children is about  5 years old.  so, you  see, iam not the only mistress. Tolu is not the  father of my child,  I had my own  child for another man”.                                                                                                         

Barakat, who was spotting tattoos  on her hands and other  parts of her body,  told our Correspondent that she was the person that the fleeing Armed Robbery kingpin, gave money to secure and pay  for his last known apartment at Dalemo area of Ogun State.                                                                                                                   

It would be recalled that last week, a report and an unsigned appeal for assistance with contact names and mobile telephone numbers , @ Barrister  Abuldukareem Alabi, 08066171242, @ Lanre Abdul,  08059321237, @ Rufai Ahmed,  07085921120, circulated in the social media.                                                                                                                       

The said  report stated thus  :    “Innocent people especially those who did not known their right or became victim of circumstances are locked up at different police detention centers across the country.”

“On 25th day of May 2021, I was at IRT section, John Ogunaike, GRA Ikeja Lagos to see a suspect named Barakat a 23yr old call girl who was arrested on Thursday 20th day of May 2021 at her shop at Abule Egba, all her wine, drinks, freezer  & others luggage’s were carted away by the Police IRT men led by one Ikuramon (0802 410 2711).” 

“She was alleged of being a girl friend to one robbery suspect who is now at large. She was also alleged for receiving stolen items from the guy. ”                                                                       

“The lady told me that she didn’t known the guy is an armed robber and that she has not hear from him for over 6 months, that the police should print her phone call log to confirm. She said it was her senior sister who is outside the country that help her with  the drinks business. That she didn’t receive any items from the guy in question. That her bank statement of account can prove this as well.”                                                                                                               

“Her father pleaded that she should be release to him and that he will produce her whenever the police needs her but Ikuramon and his men refused. Instead he instructed the father to go and look for substantial amount of money for her bail.                                                                          

“I hereby implore the authority concern to come to the aid of this family and visit the IRT center for proper monitoring”.
“Now that the judiciary is on strike, what becomes the faith of people like Barakat?”
“@⁨+234 805 932 1237⁩ @⁨+234 806 617 1242⁩ @⁨+234 708 592 1120⁩ “

However,  a call put across to one of the telephone numbers provided,  indicated that the writer is a lawyer and not a  Journalist , identified as  Alabi Abuldukareem .                                                                                                               

When our correspondent called him to confirm his report, he didn’t take his calls and declined comment after reading the  WhatsApp chats sent to him. However,  he immediately removed  his DP profile photograph.                                 

For Lanre Abudul , who appears to be the same person as Abdulkareem  Alabi, he denied knowledge of the case but suggested that the writer was asking for his opinion.   ” the person was asking for my opinion. I guess it was a copy and paste from WhatsApp “.                                                                                                           

While the third contact person in  the report ,Rufai Ahmed  , who also denied knowledge of the case, stated thus : ” I remember this report now,  it was sent to a platform that I belong,  whereas the person tagged and asked for opinions  but i never made any comment . I didn’t know anything about the issue or case”. 

Efforts to get comments from the Head,  IRT Lagos/Ogun Operations , South – West, Superintendent Joel Igbinazaka Ugowe , was not successful before filing this report , as he was out of his office in an official assignment .                      

However, a reliable IRT source  confirmed the incident and stated that  Barakat was actually dating the  fleeing Armed Robbery kingpin Tolu Abiodun,  who is at large .       

Our source also revealed that Six members of the Robbery gang are already in IRT custody, while two of the arrested robbery suspects,  have identified and confirmed that Barakat  was their gang leader girlfriend .                                     

” Few days before her arrest,  Barakat  left her house to lodge in Adex  hotel,  Agege area of Lagos state,  to evade police arrest, as well as to sell the two iPhones 12, robbed by her armed robber boyfriend, incidentally,  the owner of the iPhone was killed. she has equally  confessed that she is a receiver and girl friend to the wanted armed robbery kingpin now at large, ” Our  Source stated

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