IRRESPONSIBLE STATEMENT : “We Are On Holiday , Not On The Run ,Coming Back January To Stop These Falsehoods”, Says Eze Uche Dimgba,Blast Media Reports, As Ndieze Chairman, Eze Chris Offia, Debunk Allegations Of Evading Police Arrest

Eze Uche Dimgba
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By Daniel Ohamadike

Wide Spread Criticisms and Condemnation by Igbo Leaders, Stakeholders and Ezes,have been trailing allegations that some reputable Ezes, King Makers and other Igbo Leaders, ran away , hid themselves and disappeared into tin air, in order to evade purported police invitation and arrest against them, over alleged defamatory statement against a recently coronated controversial Eze Ndigbo in Festac, Chief Prosper Chukwuemeka Chukwuka, ‘Ogbuagu’. 

Reacting to the statement published by an online Newspaper, a notable Igbo Leader and Eze Ndigbo in Ikeja, Lagos, Eze Uche Dimgba, popularly known as Okpotemba, lampooned the publications, likening them to ” irresponsible statements”.

The Obviously angry Igbere Ancient Kingdom, Abia State born High Chief, said that it was laughable that any sane individual would suggest that he escaped to hide for some unrecognized and possibly irresponsible minors over a non existing police invitation.

In a telephone interview with News Planet International, which he granted from his Palatial Palace in Igbere Ancient Kingdom in Abia State,Eze Dimgba said the news about him and some Eze’s evading police arrest “is rubbish”. “Every Nigerian knows that prominent, recognized Igbo title holders, always travel every December on holidays.Why should I run away from police?”.

Besides, all the Ezes that were said to have visited Area ‘E’ Command, Festac town, lagos, on their own,were never detained “, Okpotemba Corrected.

Okpotemba ,who is known to always travel every December 20th,as a member of  Igbere traditional Council , said he had traveled on December 20th ,2023, for his younger Sister’s “Igboto Nma” ceremony, which according to Igbere cultural heritage, is one of the most sacred events in their kingdom.

Debunking the news of his running away to evade arrest, Okpotemba denied ever receiving any letter of invitation from the police and that nobody, no police department visited his abode in Ikeja for any arrest.

“It has come to my notice that a senseless and rubbish publication was done that i and some Eze’s are on the run from lagos, Iam in my country home on Christmas holiday and not on the run or evading police.This rubbish propaganda must stop.we will respond accordingly in January when we come back.We are not on the run, we are coming back January to put a stop to on going nonsense”, he warned.

On Chief Sunday Udeh’s involvement, the Igbere born Chief, warned Chief Sunday Udeh , over on going attempts to dent Ndiezes image.

” Sunday Udeh is bitting more than he can chew and the so called person he purportedly installed as his Eze,is not recognized by Ndieze Igbo and Stakeholders.I advice him to go to court and pursue his on going criminal prosecution at the Federal High Court and other police departments, instead of chasing shadows, thinking that police will confirm his so called Ezeship”.

He Said : “The report is mischievous, and Ndieze Igbo Lagos do not see him or recognize him as Eze.It is laughable to say that we are on the run.people should stop calling that Sunday Udeh’s Man an Eze, because he is not an Eze and police can not make him Eze”.

Collaborating Okpotemba’s Stand, Chairman, Council Of Ndieze Igbo Lagos State,Eze Christopher Offia, expressed disappointment with the publication, which he dismissed with a wave of his hand.

Eze Offia, who is the Traditional Prime Minister in Egede Community, Enugu State , confirmed that he is in his village on Christmas holiday as a custodian of his peoples cultural heritage and not running away from invincible persons.

The Chairman warned Purveyors of such lies, that he is on the run over non existing police invitation, to purge themselves now or face the consequences when the Council returns January from Christmas holiday.

It would be recalled that an online Newspaper published a story, suggesting that not less than 15 Ndieze were on the wanted list by the Nigeria Police at Zone 2 Command Headquarters in Onikan, Lagos, over their alleged unguided comments against  Chukwuka, also known as “Ogbuagu”.

According to the Publication,Eze Sunday Ojukwu and Eze Emmanuel Chukwuakalikamadu of Amuwo Odofin and Oriade LCDA were  in Police net over their alleged complicity in the whole saga.

It further alleged that Eze Chris Offia of Ibeju Lekki,Eze Uche Dimgba of Ikeja and Eze Anyamele, were on the run ,while other Ndieze linked to the alleged derogatory comments against the Chukwuka ,were said to have gone into hiding to evade arrest and possible prosecution over their alleged conduct.

Others said to be in Police net included Chief  Ikechukwu Ochiagha,  Barrister Fabian Onwuhalu ,for their alleged complicity over their comments against  Chukwuka, who was crowned Eze Ndigbo in Lawanson, outside FESTAC on 12th December, 2023, in a rather controversial manner by Chief Sunday Udeh.

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