LADIPO MARKET RECKLESS SHOOTINGS : Public Outrage Trails Unprofessional, Sporadic Shootings By Police Officer Celebrating Trader 

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Public Outrage and condemnation have continued to trail a dangerous incident of sporadic shooting spree recorded at one of the complex of the recently reopened Multi Billion Naira Ladipo International Auto Spare Parts Market, Mushin, Lagos State, seen in a viral video clip trending in the social media handles.

The said amateur video believed to have been recorded on Monday October 16, 2023, appears like a reckless display of  unprofessionalism and flagrant mis use of an Assualt Rifle by a security Operative suspected to be a serving police officer .

In the trending video, the officer in mufti,was seen brandishing his official rifle in the open market, shooting sporadically into the air,as some traders took cover for safety, while others were jubilant, singing praises as they carry a Unit head in the main market identified as Africanus Ogudoro,shoulder high .

News Planet International reports that Tongues have been waging over the potential risk and danger the trigger happy security officer,had exposed hundreds of traders in the open market, as he converted his rifle into a guitar string while allegedly idolizing and playing needless sycophancy in his frenzy of sporadic shootings , said to have been aimed possibly at pleasing and entertaining his trader master , known as Africanus Ogudoro,who has been identified as a sectional head at the crisis ridden Ladipo market .

Findings revealed by some traders, alleged that Africanus Ogudoro, is heir apparent to the outgoing Ladipo Market LASEC President, Chief Jude Chikelu Nwankwo, also known as “Tule” .

Some traders who spoke on the grounds of anonymity for fear of victimization, were of the view that the shooting by the security personnel did not only  pose safety risk to traders,but an open invitation to hitherto gangsterism and open flaunting of guns and weapons in the fragile market by powerful market leaders.

The traders interviewed also alleged that  the sporadic shooting was a calculated and deliberate political motivated action to frighten and cage other traders without police escorts, especially as the market election approaches.

The concerned traders therefore called on the Inspector General of Police, IGP Kayode Egbetokun, to properly investigate the shooting with a view of forestalling future occurance. 

Efforts to contact LASEC president before going to press,was not possible, however when the Chairman, Board of Trustees,BOT, of the market , Chief Humphrey…was contacted on phone, he initially said that he was not aware of the incident, as he left immediately after the market was reopened to avoid being pushed down.

The BOT Chairman later called to inform our Correspondent that he needed about two to interrogate and ascertain from Mr. Africanus Ogudoro the reason for the sporadic shootings by the armed man in mufti as recorded in the video.He was yet to relate his finding as at the time of going to press.

It would be recalled that similar unprofessionalism incidents of mishandling of fire arms by some police officers, such as the case of police personnels attached to a Musician, was not too long ago treated by the police Authority.

However reliable police source confirmed that the officer involved has been identified.

The concerned traders and indeed the nation at large awaits the outcome of the police findings .

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