Philanthropist ,Onwa Chibuzor Desmond Mgbecheta, Gifts Birthday Bash To Eze Chukwuakalikamadu Of Oriade, Clears Drainages ,Provides Solar Energy Street Lights

Eze Chukwuakalikamadu
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By Emmanuel Edom

It is seasonal and not always an everyday affairs, when a self made business mogul extends his Cooperate Social Responsibility to individuals, king and the entire community.

This generosity and special act of giving cheerfully without restraint, mirrors  the life and person of a noble patriotic Citizen, High Chief, Prince Chibuzor Desmond Mgbecheta, popularly known as Onwa, who is the sagacious Managing Director of a trending Hospitality hot Spot, called Felicity Gold Club, Lagos State.

Onwa, as his titled name literally implies, means Moon, Moon that shines and darkness disappears. Little wonder he is Popularly known in Oriade area of Lagos state ,for his philanthrophic , developmental strides and milestones.

As a man with golden heart and equally loves gold , Onwa Chibuzor hates seeing people in sorrow but loves and derives joy in  helping the needy and Poor Citizens.

Indeed ,he does not shrink or shy away from the problems of his Community, as residents testify and acknowledge him for always being at the fore front of every program or project that will uplift his immediate community and environment.

It is on the account of this his milk of human kindness, spirit of love and spontaneous zealous desires to render help, that he recently sponsored the clearing of channels and drainages in his community, after carrying out solar Energy Street Lights electrification projects.

An astute business mogul with a cogrumolate of companies in the Power sector,Energy sector , hospitality, travel and tourism industry, just to mention a few, he is said to have paid his dues to mankind.

For instance, his Felicity Gold Club,event Center and hotel , are on the top echelon of its kind of business in Lagos, while his Onwa Global Solar Energy company, has received international recognition as a colossus towering above its competitors.

Affirmed man of honour that likes extending love, respect, appreciation and honor to whom honour is due, Onwa Chibuzor Desmond Mgbecheta, has elected himself to sponsor the birthday party celebration of Eze Ndigbo in Oriade, Eze Udo, Eze Chimereze Emmanuel Chukwuakalikamadu.

A peep into the working of the style and mind of the renowned Philanthropist, the birthday bash slated for Saturday, December 2, 2023, is expected to be second to none birthday party in Oriade this 2023.

The reason for this expectation is not far fetched, as many attest to the fact that every event sponsored or organized by Onwa Chibuzor Desmond Mgbecheta, ends up an epic fiesta.

The bash expected to start from 4pm till dawn, will show case who is who in Oriade and beyond, as notable and important dignitaries are billed to attend.

In an interview with News Planet International, the elated Eze Chukwuakalikamadu, praised the large heart of Onwa Chibuzor.

He said: “I thank God Almighty for this show of love by Onwa Chibuzor Desmond Mgbecheta,who is Sponsoring my birthday anniversary on Saturday, December 2nd, 2023, by respecting and recognizing me as the Eze in his community”, Eze Udo said.

Praising Onwa’s public spirited work, Eze Udo said also that ,”Onwa is an illustrious Igbo son of our time. A man of few words but full of actions. A generous man,who loves humanity and mankind. A helper and friend of the youth.He is always happy to see mankind happy, infact,if you encounter him, you will not be in a hurry to leave, if you go to his house and you are unhappy, you must become happy before you depart.A jolly good fellow “.

According to Eze Chukwuakalikamadu, as part of Onwa’s  Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, in Oriade and Satellite, “Onwa has single handedly 

provided our community with Solar Energy powered Street Lights in our new site estate.He is always participating  in communal duties, even supported our community with N500,000 for clearing of the gutter, he assists the Church by supporting the work of God.He will be installed as “Oku na enye ife” of satellite Town”.

Was it not Lucky Dube, the late popular South African Music menstro who once wrote and sang a song, “that blessed is the hand that giveth, than the hand that taketh”

Indeed,this song which built its lyrics  root from the Holy Bible , in book of Act of the Apostles ,chapter 20, Verse 35, is widely known as an axiomatic fact.

Talking about giving, it presupposes that the giver must have before giving, possibly rich.Thus, residents confirm that Onwa Chibuzor Desmond Mgbecheta, is super rich.

But the Bible conspicuously in the book of Matthew Chapter 19 verse 24, did fore-warn that ” it is easier for the camel’s head to enter the eye of the Needle than the rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

However, the story of this rich young Igbo international Business Mogul, Onwa Chibuzor, appears to make an exception to the Biblical assertion.

Accomplished and Acknowledged Giver,  lover of the poor and wretched of the society , who despite commiting millions in uplifting the less privileged and down trodden in the society,has not stopped giving.

Infact this amiable, humble and unassuming rich young Prince Mgbecheta’s generosity, has garnered to him,several  exclusive recognitions and prominent Igbo titles already bestowed .

This is even as Eze Chukwuakalikamadu whispered to our Correspondent,that very soon, the Igbo Community in Oriade and his palace planned bestowing on Onwa Chibuzor another  exalted Chieftaincy title of” Oku na enye ife “

His rare achievements as a public spirited and humanitarian personality,led to his getting the Onwa title ,as he is fondly called by his peers, which was said to have been  Propelled by his love for the poor and Indigent People in the society.

This is simply   because Onwa Chibuzor, the calm headed Philanthropist, has many other empowerment programs  for the poorest of the poor.

 It is also on record that Onwa’s unlimited philanthropic gestures and empowerment , goes beyond his New site location in Oriade , as his village community ,is said to have also benefitted from his large heart.

As an acknowledged bridge builder and a philanthropist without borders,which many said , have endeared him to  Eze Udo, who considering Onwa’s large heart, kindness, spirit of giving,generosity,milk of human kindness and selfless corporate social responsibility  programs, decided to confer on him the title of “Oku na enye ife”,ever before he announced the sponsorship of his birthday bash.

No wonder many non Igbo people, especially Yoruba, Hausa and other ethnic groups, regards Onwa Chibuzor Desmond Mgbecheta,as a ” De-tribalized Man of the people ” .

It will shock Purveyors of tribalism and ethnicity to know that some of Onwa’s friends are Yorubas.

One report quotes him as having said that “I love harmonious co-existence with other people from other tribes, like the Yorubas.I love people and peace “

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