POLITICAL INTERFERENCE THAT KILLED THE POLICE FORCE: Former Image Maker Reveals How Ex – IGPs Wept, Destroyed PHONE Over Interference

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Facts have emerged on how the country’s politicians brought the Nigeria Police Force to its kneels. This revelation came to the fore following recent killings, destruction of police property across the country, in wake of the hijacked #ENDSARS protests. According to the whistleblower, unable to contend the numerous interference from politicians, an Ex – Inspector-General of Police, (Names withheld), was said to have wept like a baby , out of frustration, over the myriads of problems bedevilling the Nigeria Police Force. while another IGP reportedly threw his phone at the wall out of anger at the constant interference by politicians.
These were some revelations by retired Commissioner of Police, Emmanuel Ojukwu, who served as the police image maker at the Force headquarters, Abuja, under five Inspector-Generals of Police.
Ojukwu who was quoted during an interview with a National Newspaper, said serving as Force PRO under five IGP gave him an insight into the problems bedeviling the Police.

According to him, the issues with the Force makes it “kill its best”. Ojukwu said: “I have seen an Inspector-General of Police weep over the problems of Nigerian police. I have seen another Inspector-General of Police display temper, anger by throwing away his phone over persistent calls and disturbance from the National Assembly.
When the head is frustrated, the system is frustrated. “We have issues of inequity, injustice, imbalance and lots of frustrations. I was the best in my set out of about 117.
“But I didn’t get to be a commissioner of police until I was about to retire. But, before I got there, some of my course mates had become commissioners of police. Now, that to me is inequity, because it is not justified.
“Nigerian factor came to play, and it will be foolhardy for people to expect to be happy in such a situation. “Also, I am retired now and my pension is N73,000 monthly, having put in 33 years in service; having turned 60 years of age, and I joined the police as a graduate.
“I have a family to maintain. It is very frustrating, and so even the younger police officers are not finding it quite well. So, the police kill its best.”

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