Smart Nigerian Man Launches Electric Bikes, due to the increase in the price of fuel across the nation, Many React to Their Prices as Photos Emerge.

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By Divine Chisom Emmanuel

Following the increase in the price of fuel across the nation, a Nigerian man has launched an alternative means of transportation .

The businessman introduced a luxury electric bike, encouraging Nigerians to get one for themselves . He explained how long the electric bike lasts when fully charged. 

The man, by the name Owelle, has introduced luxury electric bikes, amid a surge in fuel prices nationwide. 

According to him, the price is N1.3 million but is negotiable. He added that every Nigerian deserved to get one for themselves. His post blew up on the platform, with many Nigerians finding fault with the price. 

Taking to Twitter, Owelle shared photos and videos of the alternative means of transportation, saying anyone interested in getting one should message him.

Others voiced concerns that one may still need to get fuel to power generators which would be used in charging the electric bikes, given the epileptic power supply.

When asked how long the electric bike runs before needing a recharge, the businessman said that it lasts 15 hours when fully charged. 

“Sold out. 15 hours once fully charged,” he said.

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