Igboburuotu Visionary Founder, Eze Chika Nwokedi , Fetes, Host Association, Dole Out Merit Awards To Outstanding Members

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In his bid to encourage and keep alive the vision behind the success of the Association he founded seven years ago, the popular Leader and Eze Ndigbo in Ijegun and Ijadodo, Okpoko 1,Eze Chika Nwokedi , yesterday hosted and honoured ‘NDIGBO IGBO BURU OTU’ Association Members in his Palace , located at 84 Fatade Street Kudeyibu Estate Ijegun Lagos State.

At the event held in an atmosphere of brotherhood, love and fanfer, Eze Nwokedi ,while appreciating the efforts of members, doled out Merit Awards To Outstanding and deserving Members of the Association.

The Igbo socio – cultural Group, ‘Ndigbo Buru Otu’ Association Of Nigeria, also used the occasion to celebrate and thank God for seven years of its existence in Lagos State.

News Planet International gathered that the event, also preceded the inauguration of the new executive officials and was well attended by members who deliberated on plans to move the Association forward towards achieving more significant progress and opening doors for more membership in 2023.

The founder who happily gave awards to members known to have worked tirelessly for the growth of the association, for their contributions to the success story of Ndigbo Buru Otu, said in his address, “that Ndigbo Buru Otu Association of Nigeria was found in 2016 with the aim of uniting and aiding the Igbos in Lagos towards success and progress, to be of good conduct devoid of any form of criminality, to help one another financially, uplift the oppressed in the society, cater for the widows, less privileged and the needy” .

Eze Nwokedi explained that the association, over the years of its existence, had done so much to achieve its aims despite societal challenges and has recorded series of magnanimous contributions to cater for widows, the vulnerable, the poor, the homeless and helpless in the society.

According to him, ” apart from the less privileged in the society, that cut across every tribe, its members have also benefitted from the housing scheme provided by its founder, who created opportunities for members by means of philanthropy to own lands and build houses at affordable prices enough to serve most of its members.

He also stated that the association over time had invited uniform personnels to educate the members on the rights and responsibilities of law abiding citizens as well as other educative interactive sessions held to strengthen the essence of the group.

“The association has vast benefits for its members. Through the association many are landlords, we give loans to members without collateral or interest with an extensively conducive period of payment. The homeless has also been given opportunities to live in a built home by the association as well as so many other benefits”.

He further revealed that his closeness with the Police dated back to many years of cordial relationship as he mostly reciprocates by supporting the Police whenever he is called upon.

“The association has also given awards to notable uniformed personnels in appreciation of their good works in society.”

Some of the Executive Members spoke on the achievements of the group and expectations in future. “Rev Dr. Moses C Okwuosa, Chief Shepherd Refiner’s Fire Deliverance Chapel Int’l Ministry, 2nd Vice President, stated that since the formation of the group in 2016 under by Eze Dr. CC Nwokedi, Eze Okpoko of Ijegun Ijeododo Kingdoms, the association not only mainly to help the Igbos but people in general, has been making a great impact despite some financial challenges.

He explained that the essence of the event was to reunite its members and to officially welcome the new excos ceremonially.

Chief Emmanuel Onyebuchi Adimdu, Former Vice President of Ndigbo Buru Otu Association Of Nigeria, also noted that the association had grown immensely from what it was 6 years back, a notable development that had borne a great deal of popularity and prestige due to its non tribal activities of philanthropy to the less privileged as well as its members who needs any form of financial upliftment.

He also stated that the event was created to celebrate oneness, grace and progress amongst the members as law abiding citizens with utmost morality.

Chief Dr. Chukwuemeka Godswill Ogbuka, the current Vice President Ndigbo Buru Otu Association, said the event was well thought out to solidify unity amongst its members and advised Igbos in general to be law abiding citizens. He lauded highly the founder of the association for creating beneficial projects to elevate members.

The PRO and Publicity Secretary, Mrs. Oluchi Amaefula, stated that the founder, Eze Nwokedi has demonstrated leadership and has done well to unite the association without any discrimination.

Chief Ifeanyi Iguegbe also said the association had grown effortlessly over the years to its 7th year of existence in 2023. Iguegbe said that the essence of the event was to ease out on irregular activities from the beginning of the year so far and as a way of Thanksgiving to God for protection and provision over the members of the association.

He also said the humanitarian activities of the association cut across tribes and cultural backgrounds. He also revealed that the only notable challenge is sponsors, who will support the course of the association.

Founders Wife,Oueen Pastor. Dr. Tessy Chika Nwokedi, in a chat with the media, noted that the progress of the association is a notable one due to its achievements so far since inception. She said members of the association had benefitted greatly as well as contributed to the growth of its existence. She maintained that the association also had a good reputation before public eyes due to the magnanimity shown in different capacities to persons of interest and even non Igbo tribes.

As the wife of the founder, she is tasked with taking up responsibilities to oversee the activities of the association and can vividly attest to the fact that it is a non tribalistic group.

Barrister Nnajiego, the Legal Adviser, Chairman Board of Trustees of the Ndigbo Buru Otu Association Of Nigeria, stated that so far so good all legal matters of the association were treated by his office. He affirmed that the members are law abiding citizens, who acts according to the rule of law.

Eze Chika Nwokedi also known as Eze Okpoko 1, Ezendigbo Ijegun, Ijedodo, Founder Ndigbo Buru Otu Association Of Nigeria and the first Council Chairman of the Igbo Speaking Ndi Ezes in Lagos, restated that the association is known for its magnanimity towards members and non members irrespective of tribe or culture, although the association was formed to give the Igbos a common ground to reach one another in unity and peace. He said that the event was created as a form of Thanksgiving to God for the years of existence so far.

Concluding, Eze Nwokedi recounted Igboburuotu the achievements of the association, he told the press that the members, who were given awards, had in their capacity contributed selflessly in cash and kind to the growth and development of the association and deserves to be recognized.

Those given awards included: HRM Queen Pst. Dr. Tessy Chika Nwokedi, Lolo Ifeoma Goodness Ogbuka, Chinevizor Chibuzo, Captain Tony Anioma(T-Black), Chief Chisimdi Ezediokwere, Lolo Chizoba Okoli, Mario Francis E, Chief Dr. Chukwuemeka Godswill Ogbuka, Osita Okeke, Onyekachi Chijioke, Rev. Dr. Moses Okwuosa, Chief Arinze Opara and Oguama Chukwuma.

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