PUBLIC HEARING ON PROLIFERATION OF SMALL ARMS : Officers Statement is at Variance with Our Position— Says Nigerian Navy

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The Nigerian Navy (NN) has disowned statement by one of its Officers even as it distanced itself from his purported position .                                                                                               

It  described the purported position as a “personal and unauthorised statement”                   

The statement was credited to one of its senior officer during a public hearing on Bills for an Act to Establish the National Commission Against Proliferation of Small Arms and Light Weapons.

According to a statement signed by Cmdr. Suleiman Dahun, the senior officer’s statement is completely at variance with the position of the NN.

“The House of Representative Committee on National Security and Intelligence yesterday 27 September 2021 held a public hearing on 4 Bills, including the Bill for an Act to Establish the National Commission Against Proliferation of Small Arms and Light Weapons (HB 10).

“During the hearing on this Bill, the representative of the Nigerian Navy (NN) duly presented the position of the Service on the proposed Act but went ahead to make some unauthorized, personal comments on the issue of trans national trafficking of small arms and light weapons.

“This is as it relates to neighbours with which Nigeria maintains robust diplomatic security relationships/collaborations; a personal opinion that is at variance with the position of the NN.

“The NN wishes to categorically dissociate itself from the view of the senior officer.

“The NN appreciates the indelible contributions of our regional partners/neighbours in the fight against small arms and light weapons trafficking.

“Pertinently, effective and sustained regional cooperation towards ensuring maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea is a key priority of the NN.

“Against this background, the Service acknowledges the regional security efforts of our neighbouring countries within the existing frameworks of bilateral and multilateral cooperations and commits to working assiduously to strengthening these arrangements. Onwards Together.” the statement read.

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